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Our hotel is located in center.Our service are comfortable,clean,cheap with varieties of food.You will be welcomed by our smiling staff who will not only look after you throughout your stay but will also help you to explore the best of Alibaug.We are positioned in the best place which is heart of Alibaug.

Our Seasonable

Chiken Popati

Popati is a traditional get together food party (bbq style) of north konkan. With the fall of temperature, there is presentiment of popati parties everywhere. Popati is made in a clay pot,which resembles tandoor. but food made in popati has the unique taste which lasts on your tongue all the time and the memories of it in your mind.

Our delicious


our foods are special and mouth watering,our tandoori chicken are fresh made which are 100% pure chicken tandoori cooked in clay oven known as tandoor.